IntroductionGetting started with ClipReply

ClipReply is an interactive video app that's built on sharing videos and capturing interactions through what we call "video flows." For now, let's go over some core terms.

My ClipReply

In your dashboard under My ClipReply will show your flows. Videos in flows are used to provide contexts and direction to increase submissions. However, providing a video for each step is optional. In addition, we believe that video will increase form submissions and engagement.


Interaction is where you can view responses that have been submitted.


When a response is submitted that contains email address or phone number a contact will be created and assigned to the interaction.

Dynamic Flows

It is not ideal having to update your website site's code when you wish to change your the flow on your home page. Dynamic flows will solve this problem, embed a dynamic flow instead, and you can change the target flow right inside your ClipReply dashboard!

Media Libary

Media uploaded by team members and admin will be visible in your media library.


Settings allow you to customize your flows branding, add team members, and other organizational settings.


In the billing section, you can view previous invoices and current usage for the month.