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👋 We're ClipReplyGet more leads and increase sales with video.

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Create interactive video flows to capture leads, increase sales and build better relationships.

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Power Up With Video 🚀Get the most out of every website visitor!

Are you tired of spending money driving traffic to your website and not getting leads? Video has been proven to increase sales and build better relationships.

Ways to shareShare Links, Embed Flows & Widgets

Share your ClipReply links, and embed interactive video flows on your site through iframes and ClipReply widgets.

Step TypesMany ways to capture interactions

Test drive ClipReply's step types, adding a video to each step is optional.

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So what makes us great?

ClipReply is great for marketers, sales, and customer success teams.

Embed Anywhere

Embed your ClipReply flows in on your website and even in your app!

Share your ClipReply Links

Share your ClipReply links to your audience to increase leads and improve customer success.

ClipReply Widgets

Replace your chatbot with ClipReply video flows.

Custom Flows

Explore possibilities on what you can do with video flows.

Capture Leads

Create custom forms to capture leads.

Conduct Surveys

Conducts and gather insights.


Create NPS surveys to discover new ways to improve business.

Video Responses

Get to know your customers even better with video responses.

CDN Hosted

Built on Google for a blazing fast experience for your visitors.

ClipReply CRM

All contacts and interactions are saved right inside of ClipReply.

In-App Video Capture

Record videos right inside your ClipReply Dashboard

Team Collaboration

Add your team members to your organization and collabrate with yout team.
Pay As You Go

What's better than pay as you go?

All features, no upsales, and all future improvements.

Monthly Pricing

$5.00/per user

  • Media Processed30 mins free then $0.15 per min
  • Media Bandwidth1 GB free then $0.20 per GB
  • Cloud Storage1 GB free then $0.15 per GB
  • Interactions$0.72 per group of 1,000
  • Contacts Collected$0.45 per group of 100
  • Views$1.08 per group of 1,000
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Pricing is billed monthly

Frequently asked questions

See what others are asking about ClipReply!

What does ClipReply do?
We bring interactive video to the internet. You can create interactive video flows to better engage with website visitors.
Can I use ClipReply on WordPress, Wix, Square Space, Shopify, etc.?
Yes, you can embed your flow and videos anywhere regardless of what platform you're using.
Do I need a website to use ClipReply?
Nope, you can share your ClipReply flows as links. Embedding them in your webpage is just a plus!
Why do I need ClipReply?
We believe you can do more by leveraging video in your business however you may see fit.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Of course, we offer our services with no commitment.
What happends when I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel you subscription by deleteing your organization. This will delete all your data.
Why pay as you go?
We think our customers should be billed the same way we are charged.
Can I use ClipReply without video?
Yes! Adding a video to each step is optional. However, we believe video brings better results.
Can I use ClipReply without using video?
Yes, without video, you are just creating form flows. Technically speaking, each step does not require a video.
Do you offer a video hosting service?
Yep! You can embed standalone videos served by our content delivery network. You may even save money with us by canceling your current video hosting provider.
What's the future for ClipReply and what does the roadmap look like?
We have many great ideas and allot of stuff in the works! You're also invited to share your ideas and needs with us!

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