Jerrick Hakim

Hey 👋Welcome!

Hey, thanks for checking out ClipReply. My name is Jerrick, and I'm the founder of ClipReply. I believe that you can do more with video! I created ClipReply to help you engage with your audience through videos from your website.

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AboutWhat we believe in!

We hold integrity close to our hearts; we live by doing the right thing even when no one is watching. We believe in doing good deeds in silence, helping others, and always staying humbled. We believe that life is about giving.


About ClipReply

We use the latest and greatest technologies to deliver the best product to our customers, we use React, Svelte and Vue! React with next.js powers our site. Svelte powers our embeds apps, and Vue and Vuetify powers our app. ClipReply uses both Google Cloud and AWS for our backends.

Our ask of you!

We're hoping you could do more with video, from collecting more leads to serve more customers or by leverage video to provide a better customer support experience. We don't know what exactly that will look like in your businesses or brand, but we believe in you!

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